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Tag: self-care

  • Practicing the Art of Forgiveness in Everyday Life

    Practicing the Art of Forgiveness in Everyday Life

    The easiest path to forgiving big things is by routinely forgiving small things. Practicing the art of forgiveness in everyday life makes it easier to draw on those experiences when you need to forgive bigger offenses.   People who have an easier time forgiving others have a few things in common:   They see life as fallible and everyone takes missteps They see people as generally good rather than bad They understand that their perceptions play into whether or not they feel offended The don’t sweat the small stuff They don’t expect perfection They are not highly sensitive people  

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  • Why Would You Forgive Someone Who Hurt You?

    Why Would You Forgive Someone Who Hurt You?

    Forgive Someone   The phrase “forgive and forget” may come off as cliché and might be easily dismissed by someone who has been violated and living with righteous indignation. If you’ve been hurt, it might feel ridiculous to think about forgiving someone who hurt you but listens, there are important reasons why offering forgiveness can help.   You may not see the forest for the trees when it comes to forgiveness, but there are valuable reasons why you should consider forgiveness as one of the options related to your anger, sadness, or other emotions tied to your situation.   Take

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  • Seven Key Causes of Emotional Emptiness

    Seven Key Causes of Emotional Emptiness

    One major identifying feature of emptiness is a lack of emotions. When you’re feeling empty inside, you may notice that you don’t feel much of anything at all – whether it’s good or bad.   Emotional emptiness can be caused by a variety of factors; consider these seven key causes when identifying emotional emptiness.   Key Cause 1: You’ve recently experienced a life-altering situation that leaves your emotions in disarray.   Sometimes, emotions can be so chaotic that it’s difficult to differentiate them from each other and fully understand them. This is often caused when you experience something life altering,

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