Killing Religion


Killing Religion is an insightful look into where the church is now and where it needs to be in the end times. It examines the fruits that Jesus said should identify the church as well as the fruits borne by those who preach and follow the gospel of self. It is a wake up call for those who profess to be believers. In the face of the current condition of the church and religions place in it, we can expect that many will vilify, even denounce, those who speak against some of its modern day trappings. Killing Religion admonishes us not to succumb to the social persecution that will inevitably come as we diligently seek to follow Christ. Even as evil men and impostors grow worse and worse, Killing Religion encourages us to seek to live lives reflective of the God that dwells inside us. Killing Religion cautions us to turn away from our dead religion and to repent from our dead works because God is not moved by the performance of religious deeds if our heart isn’t right, if we are not engaged with the Spirit.

Killing Religion will help you focus on identifying your assignment rather than your position because when we operate in the spirit of assignment we understand the purpose God has for our life and we don’t worry about trying to sound like or act like someone else. Operating in what God has called us to, makes us keenly aware His grace is sufficient. However, when we get out of our lane we open ourselves up to the attack of the enemy and we become discouraged when things are not going smoothly for us like they are for someone else. Therefore, envy, strife, and malice grab hold of our minds because we’re out of grace. Allow Killing Religion to help you unlock the kingdom of God in your life. Discover how to tap into the power of the kingdom that’s within you so that you no longer just do church you become the church.



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