Do You Still Do What Happens Happily Ever After


Why leave your marriage to chance when you can give it to God? What do you really want for your marriage? Happiness, Growth together, Common purpose? In Do you Still Do? What Happens Happily Ever After, you’ll find the hope that can only come from following God’s will for your marriage. Learn how to turn to God and place every detail of your marriage in His hands. Identify patterns of thinking that contradict God’s Word for your marriage and begin to replace them with the truth found in Scripture. Even in your darkest moment, God can do exceedingly more than you could ask or think. It’s never too late to discover the joy that comes from yielding yourself and your marriage to the Father. Being a perfect couple doesn’t matter being yielded to God does. As you begin to depend on Him, He will lead you into new fulfillment as you walk toward a marriage of purpose. Do You Still Do? Is an insightful look into the realities of marriage.



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