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Own Your Feelings and Improve Your Life

At some point in many societies it became viewed as inappropriate to express, claim, or “own” certain emotions. These days, feelings have become things washed over with some form of instant gratification. Many of us lack emotional control, emotional intelligence and we suffer professionally and personally.

Emotions are an important indicator as to the extent to which we are fulfilling our needs and wants. When other people share their feelings, we understand that they are telling us how they are doing, but when we interact with our own emotions, we often try to ignore them or convince ourselves that they are invalid.

This article will talk about ways and reasons to own your feelings and improve yourself and your life.

Owning Your Feelings Protects Your Interests

As said above, our feelings are how we understand when our emotional needs are being met or not being met, just as satisfaction, hunger, and thirst let us know when our physical needs are being met or not being met.

The biggest reason to own your feelings is the same reason to own these other sensations: they let you know what you need to do in order to lead a better life. When you are hungry you find something to eat. When you are sad, should you not find something that makes you happy?

While our feelings can sometimes seem like they get in the way of doing what is practical, they are often the first indicators that something is not right about a situation that needs to be changed or avoided.

Our emotional health and physical health is more closely connected than many people realize and tending to your emotional needs by owning your feelings can help you to avoid very physical dangers that come from neglecting our emotional needs.

Owning Your Feelings Helps Others To Help You

Owning our feelings is an important step to satisfying our own needs but it is also an important way to help others satisfy our needs, or at least not harm us.

As mentioned above, we tend to listen when other people express their feelings towards us. This is an important communication skill that allows us to tend to the needs of those people, or at least, not to harm them in some way. It takes a lot of courage to express certain emotions, however, and this can prevent us from letting others know our needs.

If you have certain needs, or if something that someone else is doing is affecting you negatively, it is important to own your emotions as a step to confidently communicating them.

This is one of the best ways to get what you need to be comfortable and productive or to avoid things that others unknowingly do that make you uncomfortable or unproductive.

Owning your feelings and airing them when necessary can also be an important step to creating an atmosphere in which people feel safe and comfortable expressing their feelings. These environments are the best to work in, and people often do their best work in these environments.

Owning Your Feelings Helps You To Grow As A Person

While our feelings will seldom lead us astray, sometimes it is important to analyze feelings that we are suspect of. This does not always satisfy our wants, but it still helps us to grow as people.

If you want to eat but you know that you are not hungry, it is usually best to ask yourself whether you really need food and not eat if you don’t. If you feel jealousy or covetousness but all of your needs are met, it similarly makes sense to ask yourself whether indulging those emotions is really what is best for you and to not satisfy them if you don’t think that they are guiding you towards your best life.

Just like we have can develop bad physical habits that make us feel like we need things that are bad for us, we can develop bad emotional habits that make us feel like we need things that are bad for us.

It might seem like watching for these is not owning your emotions, but just as quitting smoking doesn’t mean that you will no longer allow yourself to eat, avoiding jealousy does not keep you from feeling happiness.




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