Finding Perspective in Times of Chaos

Life can be challenging and chaotic, and the world often seems like a terrible place. In truth, in a lot of ways, it is a horrible place and a lot of things are falling apart. However, even on the cloudiest day, there are rays of light breaking through to remind you that not everything is as bad as it seems.

In the chaos of life, you probably feel anger, you may feel sad, depressed, anxious, and despondent. This all sounds like bad news, but in reality the truth is, you have a choice, and you can choose hope and happiness. The key is finding perspective in times of chaos.

Finding Perspective In Chaos

• Visualize – the first thing you can do is visualize because it’s the key to calming yourself down. What should you visualize? The outcome that you most want to see, of course. You don’t need to become fixated on them or get too attached to the ideas themselves. The point is that you are visualizing your happiness, your safety, your health, and that you are loved. You are now filled with good vibes – thoughts really do have power.

• Train The Subconscious Brain – something that we all struggle with is our subconscious. Some of us just have negative thoughts as a default and there’s only one way to tackle this problem – to train your subconscious and change the default settings in your brain. There’s a difference between wishful thinking and feeling those thoughts deep within you. You can wish for change all you want, but if you don’t really feel that it’s possible you’re still harboring negative feelings. Which may mean that deep down, you secretly believe you’re doomed.

So, how can you train your brain? Positive affirmations are a great place to get started with improving your mental wellness. You can have a variety of affirmations or just one that you repeat when necessary. For me I love to think on verses in the Bible that give me hope and remind of the way God sees me.

Regardless of what you choose, every time you find your thoughts straying to the negative you should repeat the positive affirmation or scripture you have chosen.

• Believe – you need to really believe that everything will be okay, which is often easier said than done. There’s nothing more annoying than someone else telling us that everything is going to be fine, but believing it is the key to finding perspective even in the most chaotic situations. Yes, you’re going to have to get through all that bad stuff, but you will.

• Keep The Focus – we all have our own purpose in life, and part of your purpose is to add value. Whether it’s to add value to yourself and by proxy the world or to add value to others. We are all driven by a unique purpose and it’s deeply entrenched in all of us. When life is in chaos you should hold on to your purpose like it’s a life raft. It’s what will help you get through. Maintaining your focus on your purpose is what will help you stay the course, even in the most chaotic of circumstances.

When you reflect on what you as a person can contribute daily to your colleagues, friends, loved ones, and yourself then you find peace no matter what is going on around you. Something that we often ignore is that the world around us often reflects what is going on in our inner world. You’re not in control of everything, but you can control how you respond – so, learn how to tame your inner demons and find perspective.

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