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  • Asking for forgiveness when you have made a mistake

    Asking for forgiveness when you have made a mistake

    It’s pretty easy to stand behind your own anger and offense when someone has hurt you. It isn’t always as easy to be the one who needs to be forgiven. When we’ve made a mistake, many things come into play – anger, shame, defensiveness. These things can really make it hard to ask for or receive forgiveness. If we subconsciously haven’t been very forgiving ourselves, it can be even harder to think we have any forgiveness coming or that others will be willing to forgive us.   One of the keys to receiving forgiveness is to practice it. Forgiving people

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  • Three Tips to Effectively Offer Forgiveness

    Three Tips to Effectively Offer Forgiveness

    Forgiveness may not be second nature. It will come with practice and some cool tips. If you’re ready to let go and move on from blame to freedom, there are tips that will make the journey easier. Being able to share the impact that the situation has had on you and ask questions that bring closure and clarity is very healing. Finally, finding compassion for others – through realizing your humanness – will humble you and make offering forgiveness easier than you may think.   Follow these three tips to effectively offer forgiveness.   Tip #1. Share the impact. A

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