Where I Find Moments for Self Care During the Day

Living in the twenty-first century is a hectic, fast-paced, and stressful experience for many of us. Trying to juggle work, family, and social lives is a constant pressure with very little time for chilling out and relaxing. Finding time for self-care can be challenging, especially when as women, we have been taught to put everyone […]

How I Found “Me” Time

I, like most women, am pre-programmed to take care of everybody else before me. It’s hard in this day and age when we seem to be doing it all. We’re daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, professionals, and we feel the pressure every single day. But we all know how we can be after a couple of […]

Setting Boundaries

Healthy relationships at home and work are a priority for a healthy, well-balanced individual. One of the best ways to have a healthy relationship is by setting up boundaries. Personal boundaries are the emotional, mental, and physical limits we set up to protect ourselves, as well as assert our individualism while realizing the same in […]

Ladies: What’s Stopping You from Taking Care of Yourselves?

Women take care of everything and everyone usually falling asleep at night from sheer exhaustion. Shouldn’t that be enough? But it isn’t, because the most important person in that equation is being the one most marginalized. Women are predisposed to be the caretakers of the family, no matter what role we’re playing; daughters, wives, mothers, […]

4 Self Care Rituals I Practice Every Day

As women, we lead very busy lives. Juggling work and family leaves us with little time for ourselves. Traditionally we have been taught to put others before ourselves. However, if we are to care for others it is absolutely imperative that we care for ourselves first. We must maintain our own health and well-being if […]

6 Ways to Choose You

Choosing yourself is a crucial part of your success and happiness in life. Many mistaken this choice/trait for selfishness. To explain this confusion: selfish people always choose themselves, but those who choose themselves aren’t always being selfish. Choosing you simply means that you put yourself first when it’s necessary; you take your own health and […]

Encourage Yourself as a Champion

Becoming your own best champion is essential to self-development. If you aren’t your biggest advocate, it’ll be difficult to achieve happiness. How can you master this? The process of becoming your own champion requires effort and a willingness to assess yourself. If you want to take ownership of your happiness and start being your own […]

How to Appreciate Yourself in 6 Steps

Self-deprecation and self-hatred are running rampant in our society. We often take ourselves for granted; believing negative things others say about us and internalizing them, beating down our self-esteem until it’s almost non-existent. The only way to reverse this process is to start appreciating yourself on a regular basis. This can be trickier than it […]

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