Category: Mental Health

Why You Should Keep a Gratitude Journal

For as long as I can remember I have kept a journal. In fact many of the books I have written are a direct result of the journals I have created over the years. {…}

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All Work and No Play…

The idea that you can use humor, laughter, and play to promote your health probably seems too simple to be true. However, it really is true and that simple. A sense of humor, laughter {…}

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Is Stress Killing You?

Stress is arguably one of the most silent killers on the planet, largely because people don’t realize something is going wrong, or they refuse to act on it.   But why does stress contribute {…}

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How do we find “me” time?

Almost all women on the planet are pre-programmed to take care of everybody else before themselves. It’s hard in this day and age when women seem to be doing it all. They’re daughters, sisters, {…}

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Are you taking good care of yourself? Ask these 12 questions and find out

At some point, you need to ask yourself the difficult questions in order to determine whether you are doing the right thing by you. It’s up to you to protect your own self from {…}

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Stress Relieving Techniques

Stress is a part of our everyday lives, like it or not. That being the case, it is necessary for us to learn stress-relieving techniques that will help defray the eventual cost of that {…}

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